Meaning of dreaming of sunrise

Our eye lids are thin and even when we close our eyes, we can still see light shining through. When the morning dawns and daylight breaks through your bedroom window, you may be able to dream of daybreak, as the sunlight falls into your room. This is why you should draw the curtains of your bedroom when you desire to sleep longer than night time.

Apart from these metaphysical phenomena, dreaming of daybreak can mean other things. Daybreak and glorious sunlight, can mean the change into positivity, from despair’s bleak darkness. Dreaming of sunrise and dawn can mean emotional relief and liberation from psychological stress and negativity.

Sometimes, the sleeper’s physical location can trigger a dream of sunrise or dream of the sun. For example, if the sleeper is feeling cold, then their brain may trigger a dream of sunrise, because that is desired to bring warmth.

Zentangle “The sun will come out”.