Meaning of dreaming of prince: Dream interpretation prince

Meaning of dreaming of prince:
This is a common dream for girls and young women who desire to meet their prince, or man of their dreams. Sometimes, the dream imagery would be a handsome man. Other times, the dreamer waits for a prince who never shows up.

Dream interpretation prince
The unconscious mind tried to tell that it is difficult to wait for a man with the qualities you desire. While there could be the perfect prince created in the image of your desired likeness, it remains to be seen if he finds you desirable. Dating and eventual partnership is a two sided relationship.

Perhaps there is no absolute prince for a woman desiring to meet her match
If you like someone, you would take hell and high water from them. If you dislike a person, even if they did good things for you, you’d still hate them. The illusion of a prince is only in your head.

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