Meaning of dreaming of oranges

The orange is yellow-orange and its color resembles dull gold. Indeed in some cultures like the Chinese, the orange, or its near cousin, the Mandarin (peel-able orange), represent gold, wealth and good luck. Mandarin oranges are given and eaten during Chinese New Year, to signify goodness in the new Lunar calendar year.

Dreaming of fruit that is orange color can mean you will see bright, warm prospects. The color orange symbolise warmth, engagement and good news.

The orange offers nutrients, to nourished the eater. It is a symbol of motherhood, and gestation of young. If a woman of childbearing age dreams of an orange, it may be a message from her body, foretelling a pregnancy.

If you see yourself or others wearing orange coloured clothes in your dream, it can mean you are about to see a new relationship. This is likely to be a romantic relationship, or one which is warm and lovely.

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