Meaning of dreaming of hat

If you had been dreaming of a hat, it could mean:

  1. You are wearing a hat that is a part of your uniform or costume.
  2. You might be getting a new hat, which is a new role. You are being promoted.
  3. If you have many hats to wear, it can mean you have many responsibilities.
  4. If you see yourself wearing a crooked hat, it can mean it does not fit you. The hat’s role or job does not suit you.
  5. If you see a hat that is turned up, that is, it’s bowl is exposed, it means you are using your hat to beg for money. This is bad news for you.
  6. Throwing up a hat means you are throwing in your defeat.
  7. wearing a hat means to get ready to assume a role and responsibility.
Character named Cai found a hat.

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