Meaning of dreaming of fake teeth

Meaning of dreaming of teeth.

Meaning of dreaming of fake teeth/ dentures

If you have fake teeth and dream of false teeth, it does not hold special meaning for you.

If you don’t have fake teeth, but dream of them, it has significance for you. If the fake teeth belongs to you, it means you are being disappointed with betrayal. Even your teeth are not real nor working properly for you.

If you see imagery that the dentures belong to someone else, then it is a warning about the owner of the fake teeth. It means that person is not sincere and is not representing their true front. If the teeth are fake, then there could be other areas/ issues that are also fake. This message tells you to be careful and not trust that person without checking facts.

As you know, fake teeth do not work well. Likewise, the person in the dream does not work well as they use deception to mislead you.

If you dream that you’re searching for your dentures, it means you are looking for equipment/ aid/ resources, to help you.

Teeth dream imagery also pertains to the life expectancy of the person. As the adult set of teeth are meant to endure a whole life time, fake teeth, or the lack of real teeth, means the person is getting old.

Dreaming of an adult tooth falling out, or teeth falling out, is bad news. Other than implying the person is growing old, it also points to the meaning that the person’s time is getting shorter.

The general meaning of dream imagery of fake teeth can be about the dreamer going through a transition stage.

During the dream, if the dreamer feels anxious or afraid about losing teeth, it means they are worried about changes.

Dreaming of swallowing teeth means there can be a pregnancy. Teeth are swallowed to render the dreamer less harmful with the bite. This implies a very young and vulnerable baby or kid is coming soon.

Dreams of teeth on the upper jaw represent the important family members in the dreamer’s household.

Dreams of teeth on the lower jaw represent the family members who rank lower in importance and hierarchy.

Dreaming of teeth on the right side of the jaws means the dream has something to do with the males in the house.

Dreaming of teeth on the left side of the jaws means the dream is related to the females in the household.

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