Meaning of dreaming of canoeing

If you were dreaming of being in a canoe and you were canoeing in water, it can mean several implications.

  1. You are going on a journey where you’re sorely tested on your survival skills in a tough environment.
  2. If you see yourself alone in the canoe, it can imply you expect to be alone in your journey. In waking reality, it means you have to endure doing a project or phase of life alone.
  3. If you see rough waters in your dream, it means you’ll face challenging times in waking reality.
  4. In converse, if you see calm waters, it means you will be able to manage your solitary journey easily.
  5. If you see yourself and another person in your canoe, it means you’ll receive some help during your journey.
  6. If you see yourself and your canoe partner paddling in synchronization, it means you’ll get co-operation during your journey (or project).
  7. If you see yourself and your canoe paddler struggling in the water, it means you can expect to face a tough time in your days ahead.
  8. For dreams involving another person, it can hint at the relationship wit the other person. A good working harmony during the canoeing journey, usually means you have a good working relationship with that person.
  9. If you see dream imagery f yourself struggling with the other person in the canoe, it means you lack a balanced relationship with your working partner in real life.
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