Meaning of dreaming of abortion

Meaning of dream of abortion.

The simple dream interpretation on the word “abortion” is to take the manifest meaning of the word. Abortion means to stop the fetus growing, or stop whatever function/ event that is in progress. When a woman or man dreams about abortion, this could be the meaning. The dreamer is told to stop in the tracks of some process. Perhaps the brain has received information that the process is not a good one or suitable for the person. Hence the dream of abortion is triggered.

Dreaming of the woman’s excuse for abortion

Dream of the woman’s reason for having abortion.

A common waking life reason for having an abortion is that the woman or her partner, is not ready to assume the responsibilities of raising a child. The dreamer has a dream about being told that the father of the baby is not prepared to be a father.

Dreaming of abortion to hide affair

Dreaming of abortion can mean desire to hide affair.

Dreaming of abortion does not mean the woman had one in her real life. Dream interpretation of abortion means a sudden ending to a new project. When it happens in a dream, it means you are interrupted in your life. You are not allowed to carry through. Dreaming of abortion can be an analogy to reflect on something in your real life.

If the woman is married and she dreams of having an abortion even when she is not pregnant, then this suggests that she may be having an extramarital affair. Her dream of having an abortion indicates her desire to hide her affair from her spouse.

If a married man dreams that he is having an abortion, it means the same thing. He wishes to hide his affair from his spouse and thus, he wants an abortion to hide his adultery.

Having an abortion means severing ties to the thing or person that may hinder you.

Dreaming of abortion because of undesired result

To abort means to end a process because the result is undesired.

The meaning of some dream symbols can take the meaning of the definition of the word. This is because the human brain invents the dream according to its understanding of the word. While some word symbols have cultural meanings, they also imply their basic definition. When we look for a dream symbol’s meaning, one of the first that comes is the definition of the symbol-word.

Abortion here in this dream, means to stop a process because the result (consequence) is not desired. To dream of abortion can mean to stop the process of doing something. For example, if you had been studying music, then you might think that the dream analysis of abortion means to stop studying music.

Dreaming of aborted fetus
My girlfriend aborted a fetus when she was in her twenties. She had an unstable marriage and her husband was not ready to raise a child together. This was the typical profile of some of the 8000 – 9000 women who asked for abortions yearly. Girlfriend later went on to have a baby, who grew up to become a wonderful child. Girlfriend’s life was tough and she was still struggling but she had freelance work to relieve her financial stress. I heard from her that one night, she had a dream of her aborted fetus. At least she thought it was her fetus because she knew no other male child in her own family. Girlfriend dreamed she and her family were traveling somewhere on a vacation. They sat somewhere to have a meal and there was a small boy eating and sharing their food with them. Girlfriend said she had an idea that the boy was her fetus, had he been given a chance to be born and grow up. She had no prior knowledge whether her fetus was male or female, but when that boy appeared in her dream, she had a feeling he was her child.

This is a sad story so I won’t be asking to share your dream on abortion, miscarriage or death of infants.

Dreaming of abortion means anxiety

Anxiety and threat are meanings of abortion dream.

When a pregnant woman dreams of abortion, it means she was anxious about losing her baby. Her dream continued her thoughts in waking life. An expectant mother should think positive thoughts so that these may trigger positive dreams.

Dreaming of abortion due to nostalgia

If you had an abortion, then you dream of abortion, it means …

You could be re-living the memory of your previous abortion. During the day, nostalgia or a stimulus may have triggered this dream.

Dreaming your friend told you she had abortion

If you dream that your female friend told you she had an abortion …

If you knew your female friend well enough, you would have heard the news directly from the horse’s mouth. You wouldn’t be dreaming that she had an abortion. This dream tells you that you don’t know your friend well enough.  It also means you can’t trust her entirely because you don’t know her that well. This dream may be only metaphorical and your friend did not really have an abortion. This dream means you didn’t know her well enough, to know about her deeply personal events.

Dreaming of a pregnant mother having an abortion can mean you have an anxiety about that expectant mother. Your intuition told you that woman may not carry her pregnancy to full term.

Dreaming of a woman whom you are not close to, having an abortion, can also mean you have no confidence in her ability to carry out her pregnancy to full term.

If you know a married woman and dreamed of her having an abortion, it can mean her husband is not ready to become a father.

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