Meaning of dream of not following maps but making your own maps to use

You dream of needing maps but you refuse to follow maps but you’re making your own maps to use. The meaning of this dream of not following maps but making your own maps to use is that you distrust standard instructions. You want to create your own blueprint to follow.

You may be having distrust of an authority. You have confidence in yourself to check things out. You may have been deceived or cheated in the past. Now you’re once bitten and twice shy. By all means, be cautious. This dream may be a warning to you to check your facts and not follow the leader blindly.

If you see a world map in your dream, here’s the dream interpretation for world map. It can mean you can anticipate traveling. The world map denotes traveling.

On the reverse dream interpretation, seeing a world map in your dream, can mean the world comes to meet you. This happens when people or goods are imported into your geographical region. If your job involves handling products from overseas, then this dream speaks to you.

In this age of internet, the dream imagery of world map, can refer to your internet. The world wide web is at your finger tips. If you had been seeking answers as to where you should go, then the symbol of world map tells you to open up and get exposure to the world.

When you’re dreaming of maps, it means you expect to travel. Perhaps in waking life, you received stimuli about traveling. You may have thought about it, or discussed about desires to see a destination. Sometimes in your dream, you might be able to see a destination, which is your desired place to travel to. In waking life, you might have a goal to visit a certain destination, for a purpose. This information is stored in your memory, which is then activated to be replayed in a dream.

Some dreamers think that when they see the image of a map, it is a clue to hidden treasure. This is less likely to be true, unless that person has received stimulus (heard or seen information) related to finding treasure.

Some dreamers relate the image of a map to their destiny/ fate, and where they have to go. This interpretation is possible. In waking life, the person may have information that they then process in their brain. At night, they dream with the processed information, to relay the intuition.

If you dream of map, its dream interpretation can be that you desired to travel somewhere. If you can see the map clearly in your dream, then you know about the location. If you can’t see the specific location, then the dream symbol is the map alone. The dream interpretation would be you might be going on a trip soon.

Be mindful of road safety especially when kids are involved.

Table of dream interpretations on map:

  1. This dream symbol means directions.
  2. The map icon means you’re shown your surroundings.
  3. Dreaming of a map means the route to a destination.
  4. Dream analysis on the map symbol means you may need aid to travel to a desired destination.
  5. Interpreting the map symbol means you can use it to locate amenities, facilities and resources.