11.01.2024 New Moon

On 11.01.2024 New Moon is expected. A new moon is a crescent moon. As the nights pass, the new moon becomes bigger until it is a full moon (old moon).

Meaning of dream of moon falling down from sky: It could be a warning of an impending natural calamity or man made disaster. A severe tragic event may happen to change the course of things.

Other dream interpretations when you dream of the moon:

  1. Seeing dream imagery of the moon can mean your emotional self and/ or your feminine self.
  2. The moon’s traditional dream meaning is intuition and women. If the dreamer is male, this dream symbol means he should pay attention to his intuition and overcome his fearful reservations with women.

If the dreamer is female, then to her, this dream icon should translate to mean she may benefit by seeking close connections with other women.

3. Another dream interpretation of the moon is its traditional association with the secretive and mysterious aspects of the self. The moon represents your cold, distant and unfriendly aspect.

4. Since the moon represents the feminine, it can also refer to your relationship to the female who is closest in biological connection to you, which is your mother.

5. The moon exerts a small gravitational pull on earth, especially in locations where people can see a full moon. In dreams, the moon can mean an invisible, mysterious force acting in your life. Some people think they’re affected by the gravitational pull of the full moon as they experienced mood changes.

6. The full moon’s attributes makes it a good symbol, or lucky omen.

Examples of dreams with a full moon, which may also be called as the old moon.

  1. Dream imagery of full moon. It confirms a feminine presence in your life, who is usually a maternal figure like your mother or female mentor.
  2. Dreams of the moon in different phases as it changes from being a new moon to a full moon. This interpretation is obvious. It signifies the various stages in life as the dreamer journeys on.
  3. Dreaming of the full moon at night. The moon is best seen at night, which is also associated with darkness, mystery and romance.
  4. Dreaming of moonlight. The full moon provides light reflected off its surface, which we see as moonlight. This is essential for travellers who need to rely on moonlight.
  5. Dreaming of a full moon can also mean you’re seeing the exposed round face, at its special full moon phase, which you won’t see in its other phases. Out of all these dream interpretations, which is the appropriate one for you? Only you know the truth. You choose the one that best fits your interpretation, which is determined by your personal experiences, knowledge, intuition, cultural background, memories and associations with the full moon.

Meaning of dreaming of moon

Since the full moon is a feminine symbol, it can be a manifestation of your archetype. The full moon dream imagery suggests the Mother archetype.

Freud said that dreams lead the royal road to your unconscious mind. This means that dreams reveal what your unconscious mind has been occupied with. Your archetype is the other royal road to your unconscious mind, because it is a type of blueprint that dictates who you are, and how you would live your life.

Dreaming of the full moon can mean your archetype. So, are you playing a maternal, nurturing character in real life?

External factors can stimulate your archetype and cause a dream. You resonate strongly with your archetype and subsequently, your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors are all patterned after your archetype’s blueprint.