Meaning of dream of attending welcome party

If you dream of attending a welcome party, it can mean you feel welcomed, and at ease with yourself. You may have reached a comfortable position in your present state of life.

However, you may get the opposite meaning, if you dream the same dream but feel a different feeling. For example, if you feel discomfort at a welcoming party, it means you’re dissatisfied at your present state of circumstances.

Dreaming of being excluded in group photo.

How did you feel in the dream while attending the welcome party?

If you felt awkward, it means you may be lacking social skills. In dreams, your reaction may be different from your normal self in waking life. If you dreamed you were good in socializing, but in waking life you’re not, it means you are at ease because you’re relaxed in the dream.

If you dreamed you were attending a political party, it means you have strong beliefs. You’re defending your beliefs and commitments.

Dream of attending a welcome party can mean you’re planning a celebration soon. You’ve reached a milestone and want to acknowledge it.

Dreaming of a party can mean you have an important celebration in waking life.