Meaning of dream of accidents

The meaning of dream of accidents is – your brain wants you to pay attention to this warning. This message is a reminder to pay attention to your personal safety. Accidents may happen in moments of distraction, carelessness, or need. If you had been a happy, careless person with neglect to rules for safety, now is the time to change.

To dream of accidents can mean you were reminded of this by something you saw during your waking hours.

If you know information about a lapse in safety measures, your brain processes this and triggers a dream about accidents. During your waking hours, your attitude towards safety precautions may be careless or lax. Your intuition may have triggered a dream about accidents, to warn you, and remind you, of the importance of safety.

For deeply spiritual people who believe that life is pre-determined and there are no accidents in the strict sense of the word, the meaning of the dream of accidents has another type of meaning. For them, the dream interpretation of accidents means they are given undesired situations, to manage and test their faith.

Avoidance of what you hate to face, can also induce the dream of accidents, where you are forced to deal with a situation which you dislike, or unprepared to cope with.

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