Meaning of cutlery in dream interpretation (updated)

Meaning of different cutlery and what they stand for.

The picture above shows the type of cutlery and its symbolic representation to each person in a family. The fork is a symbol that represents the woman or mother of the family. If you dream of a fork, it means you dreamed of a woman or mother of the family. If you dream of a knife, it means you had seen the manifest representation of the man or father of the family. If you dream of spoons, it means you had thought of the child or baby of the family. For spoons are the first type of utensil that is used to feed the baby or young child. Usually, dreaming of the utensil means the respective person will pay you a visit.

Dreaming of knives

Dreaming of knives.

If you dream of receiving a present of a knife, it means the giver of this knife wants to sever friendship with you. If you dream of giving a knife to someone, then you’re going to break up with that person. Several cultures in the world associate the symbol of knife with severance.

In waking life, one should not give knives as presents. Similarly, one should not accept knives as gifts. In some cultures, it is considered taboo to give or receive knives as presents.

If you dream of using a knife for purposes other than its assigned one, then it is also bad. For example, a knife should not be used like a spoon to stir soup or beverage. If you see a knife being used to stir a beverage in a cup, it means this sharp instrument and its severing ability, is going to be used in a domestic issue. Domestic discord is predicted.

If you dream that someone has cut you with a knife, it is bad news. It usually means that person wants to cut ties with you, to break off your friendship.

If you dream that you were cut by a knife and blood seeped out of your wound, it is bad news. It usually means that in reality, you may be attacked.

If you dream you saw a knife fight, or was involved in a knife fight, it is bad news. It predicts physical injury, or a cut away of bonds in relationship or business.

Events during the day that caused stress, and emotional upheaval, can trigger a dream with a knife imagery. The anxiety, upset and hurt you experienced, are represented by the dream symbol of a knife.

The knife as a dream metaphor, can mean damage to the mental realm, physical body, emotions and spiritual sphere.

Seeing dream imagery of a knife being used, means there is anger, bitterness, injustice and problems.

If you dreamed of seeing a knife being used to cut away something in a dream, it usually means you are done with that thing. You are going to sever all ties with that thing. The issue in focus can be a relationship. The knife can be a tool to symbolize cutting off.

If you dreamed of self-harm using a knife, it can mean you are damaging yourself in waking life. Perhaps you are not doing the right things to help you in your work, or family life. The knife is a symbol that signifies a weapon doing harm, damage or severance.

If you dreamed of using a knife to protect yourself, it can mean you have faced threats in waking reality. You should think of safe ways to deal with threats.

The knife, as a dream metaphor, can also mean you are defending yourself. By showing you have a knife, you are warning potential attackers.

In dreamworld, meanings can be in reverse to the imagery. For example, if a male dreamer sees himself being attacked by a knife, it means he is aggressive in real life.

When a female dreamer sees herself being attacked by a knife, it may mean she is afraid of sexual assault.

A hunting knife in a dream can mean you need to take care of primary needs like food. You need to struggle to find food. Relating this to your reality, it means you’ll face hardships and challenges in getting your basic needs.

The dream symbol of knife generally does not carry a good meaning. The knife cuts and separates.

If you dream of plastic cutlery like plastic spoon, plastic fork or plastic butter knife, it means you are outdoors. You might be at a restaurant, cafe, picnic or party. This dream hints that you are likely to attend a function soon. You’re likely to be served with food that requires cutting.

Dreaming of a Swiss Army knife can mean you anticipate facing different circumstances and you need such a multipurpose tool.

If you dream of seeing child sized cutlery, it means you will be closely involved with children soon.

Child size cutlery:

If you see child size cutlery, it can mean several possibilities.

1. At least one child will feature in your life.

2. You are depicted as using child cutlery because you are not ready to grow up, or your development was interrupted.

3. Your mental capacity and other areas are underdeveloped and you’re more comfortable with child size cutlery.

Special cutlery:

If you see dream imagery of special cutlery like a carving knife, the dream hints of special occasions when such cutlery are used. For instance, the carving knife is used on Thanksgiving and Christmas, when cooked turkeys are carved up.

More dream interpretations

If you dream of difficulty using cutlery to pick up your food to eat, it can mean your life is tough. You may be unlucky because when you get food, you even face the problem of struggling to use cutlery to pick up your food to eat.

Dream of fork

Dream imagery of a fork with three prongs can mean the Devil. If you do a dream analysis, you may realise that the dream symbol of fork means evil. You may have seen evil in your waking hours and your brain activated the iconic image of a fork to warn you of evil which is lurking.

The fork, with its prongs, is a symbol of a type of prick, which can be used to poke to injure or irritate. This dream symbol can be a warning of the early stage of adversity.

Other dream interpretations of a fork:

Dream imagery of a fork can mean the allegory of a forked road. You need to decide which path to take.

Three pronged fork & four prong fork
Meaning of dream of 3 prong fork

If you dream of a spoon, did you see the reflection of yourself in the curved metal of the spoon? Did you notice the distortion in your image? This distortion represents the distortion in the manner you see yourself. Why is there distortion?

In the UK, the smaller spoon is the teaspoon and it can contain 5 ml of liquid or volume. The next spoon in increasing capacity is the dessert spoon, which hold 10 ml. The spoon that is most commonly held by all diners (eaters), is the dinner spoon, which holds 15 ml. Thid dinner spoon is usually known as the table spoon.

Dream of teaspoon

As its name suggests, the teaspoon is used to measure sugar for your cup of tea or coffee.

Dream of demitasse spoon

This spoon is smaller than a normal teaspoon. It is used in compliment with a demitasse coffee cup, to serve expresso or specially brewed coffee. The coffee cup is smaller than a normal breakfast coffee cup

Dream of dessert spoon

This spoon is used to eat desserts. Desserts from food of different ethnic cultures differ widely. However, they share one common trait. Desserts are rich in ingredients and taste. Often, a small sized spoon like a dessert spoon, is used to sample this fare.

Dream of cake spoon

The cake spoon can be used to eat cakes, or spoon cake. The spoonbread, pudding cake and biscuit can be made as a three tier cake, which is called the spoon cake. This is a rich cake, whose flavor may be muted by some freshly sliced strawberries served on top of a slice of spoon cake.

If you dream of a cake spoon, or that you are holding a cake spoon, it can mean you will win at a situation. Good news will come to you. You’re having your desired cake and eating it too.

Dream of dinner spoon:

The common dream interpretation of using a dinner spoon is that you will be fortunate enough to have sufficient food to eat, for a long time.

If you dream yourself holding a dinner spoon and not using it to eat food, then it is a bad sign. It means your spoon is empty because you have no food to eat. Your circumstances and luck are bad.

Seeing dream imagery of soup spoon:

The soup spoon is used for drinking soup. While soup can be used as an appetizer/ entree before the main dish, it is the also the main dish for people who can’t afford more food. Soup, being watery, can fill up the stomach more cheaply than solid food. You can toss in a wide variety of raw ingredients to make soup. Soup can serve more diners than a solid food dish. The fluid makes up for bulk.

Dream interpretation for dessert spoon:

You will enjoy good fortune and ample food. Watch your waistline.

Dream getting plastic fork & knife from Indian family:

You need to examine the various factors in this dream.

  1. Did you dream about that Indian family for a reason?
  2. What does that family mean to you?
  3. Why did you require getting plastic fork and knife? If the Indian family was eating using their hands and not cutlery, and you require cutlery, it means you are unable to adapt to the circumstances. This reflects your present situation in life. You are seeking to get aid/ tools, to ease your circumstances.
  4. Examine why the dream imagery of plastic cutlery appeared in your dream. You probably did not want to inconvenience your hosting family, by using permanent cutlery, where they have to wash to clean it. Are you a joy or bane in your social circle?

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