Lost In Life by Dave Blackwell: Book Review

Book review of “Lost In Life” by Dave Blackwell. This story is about the main protagonist Frank. Mr. Blackwell used a variety of writing techniques to narrate the story in the omniscient third person. The narrative weaves in between the present, past memories, hallucinations and dreamworld.

You know the way some people are wounded metaphorically? Frank has been stabbed by almost all of his family members, ranging from his biological parents to his grandparents. Even Ally, the family dog, bites his hand. Blackwell literally wrote the scene where relatives hurt Frank by stabbing him.

This isn’t a book for the faint hearted. Frank seems to be suffering from hallucinations. Blackwell uses allegory too. The narrative weaves in between different techniques.

Another plus factor of this book is that it offers insights into the medical condition of tinnitus. This is disturbing and affects mental health too.


Blackwell, D. (2017). Lost In Life. Amazon Distribution: Germany.

Lost In Life by Dave Blackwell.

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