Left hand drawn selfies #1

I’m right handed but For the sake of my art, I practice using my left hand, which is my non-dominant hand, to draw, sometimes. I’ll be posting drawings from my right hand, and left hand together, for comparisons.

This is also an experiment to test out my hypothesis that it may be possible to train my left hand to draw better, with more practice.

The continuous line selfie is drawn using a continuous line that does not allow the pen to be lifted off the paper. The artist looks into a mirror and keeps her eyes on the mirror image, never looking at her paper, while drawing in a continuous line. The eye-hand co-ordination is important.

Dec. 4 1:02 pm – selfie drawn using my left hand, which is my non-dominant hand. Drawing done in the style of continuous line drawing, which means I tried my hardest not to lift my pen from my paper whilst drawing.