Interpret dream of dragon with a hoard of treasure

If you dream of dragon with a hoard of treasure, it can mean the dream is a warning. It tells you to be protective of your territory and your hard won possessions.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for riches, this dream tells you that you will be sorely challenged. It will be tough to find money and valuables. You will encounter obstacles,like a dragon, or someone who is guarding the money and preventing others from getting close.

His Dad gave him antique coins.

Dream interpretations of dragon:

  1. The dragon can be a metaphor to represent a fire breathing living thing in your real life. Do you know of someone in your life who is like a dragon?
  2. The Chinese people all over the world celebrate their lunar new year, which is called Chinese New Year. They follow their zodiac calendar, which is a cycle of 12 years. 2024 ushers in the Year of the Dragon. It will begin on Jan. 10, 2024. The anticipation of the new Year of the Dragon can hype up the individual psyche and stimulate dreams.
  3. The dragon can mean a symbol to represent male sexuality