Interpret dream of confusion over gender identity

If you dream of confusion over gender identity, and you’re unsure whether you’re male or female, it can mean of of the following:

  1. You may have Androgynous feelings. Sometimes, you feel more masculine. At other times, you feel more feminine. You desire to explore and discover more of your natural instincts. You may be pushed and pulled along by your social company, or by society.

Every person, be they a biological male or female, has masculine and feminine traits. How they use these traits, and what extent either aspect of their personality is in control, depends on many factors. Besides inherent genetic makeup, the expression of their genes, the environmental influences, and social tensions, the individual’s life style plays an Important role.

Often, it is about achieving a harmonious blend of male and female traits within one person. hide living in the biological body of birthright, there are times when one can exercise maternal characteristics. While at other times, paternal traits are prominent.

A person’s psychological balance is important as it plays a role to influence their other states like the physical. Well-being, emotional and mental states. A well functional person requires a balance of all these states.

If you require help in discerning your issues, please seek professionals in the relevant field.

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