Interpret dream of stripping away old wallpaper

If you have dreamed of stripping away old wallpaper, here is how to interpret your dream.

The dream symbol of wall paper suggests a covering of the basic wall. Maybe you had been using a external covering to hide your true self. To dream of stripping away old wallpaper can mean you will try to change. You may try to leave the old self behind. In your waking reality, you may be challenged to transform, to become a true version of yourself. Maybe you are tired of living behind a false impression. It takes more effort to pretend to be someone you are not.

A new image is displayed. Sometimes, the outer wallpaper is a fake and artificial image. It needs to be removed for the true image to emerge and shine.

A person with integrity has inner beauty. Clothes don’t make the man or woman. We can’t judge a book by its cover. Wallpaper is like a cloth which dresses up a plain wall. Its fake and the real wall lies beneath.

If you dream of sticking on new wallpaper, it is the opposite metaphorical meaning to. The above. Interpreting the dream of pasting new wallpaper, it means you’re assuming a new identity, to hide your old self. Perhaps in your waking life, you have faced circumstances which calls for you to protect and defend yourself. Hence your intuition tells you to use an exterior facade, to hide your true identity.

Another dream interpretation says that you are being made aware of the risks of constantly using wall paper. You may feel like you’re masquerading under a fake exterior. You may feel stress because you’re using more effort to put up a false front. Maybe your brain is trying to tell you to consider this.Maybe. Your intuition tells you to consider abandoning using wall paper/s.

If you think you have not been using wallpaper, but this dream refers to someone else, then that person would have been present in your dream. Be aware of people who are using wall paper. They are not true to themselves. You are interacting with a fake impression and you could get hurt.

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