Interpret dream of wand

When we interpret dream of wand, we tend to think of the magic wand. If you see yourself wielding a wand over another person, it means you have power to change others, or exert undue influence over them.

If you see another person using a wand over you, it can mean you’re under the influential power of someone.

Do you sometimes feel that you lost control over your senses? Sometimes, you blurt out statements which you’re not supposed to say. In times like these, you actually want to kick yourself, for having your foot in your mouth. In times like these, you may be suspecting that some bad magic is working on you and making you say those things.

The dream analysis of a wand means there is magic involved. If your current context in real life is tough and beyond your scope of capability, then this dream is hinting to get external help. Since your ability does not warrant resolution of the problem at hand, some ready help, which seems like magic, is sorely needed.

Adventurer and wizard.