In dreams genius and idiot maybe reversed

In dreams, genius and idiot maybe reversed. Its due to a strange theory that some concepts can be reversed (or inversed) in dreamscape. The imagery and symbolism can mean the opposite of what reality is in waking hour. This follows from Freud’s theory that a person may wish intensely (in waking life) for a desire so much that they dream about it as though they have that wish granted. When the dreamer wakes up the following morning, they see their reality is the reverse of their dream. That is, they do not have that desire granted in waking life.

In a dream, if the dreamer sees themselves as a genius, it maybe because they are not a genius in waking reality. In fact, other people may see them as an idiot. The person’s ardent desire to be a genius triggers a dream portraying themselves as a genius, to fulfill their wish of being a genius.

Likewise, if a genius person dreams about themselves as being labeled as an idiot (by other people), it maybe different in waking reality. In conscious life, this person maybe speaking and doing activities that are clever beyond the normal scope of other people in their environment. When people cannot understand or accept a new or different view, they label the speaker as an idiot.

So in dreams, genius and idiot maybe reversed.

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  1. Well, that’s an interesting thought process. I think it would be very hard to strive to be a genius..I think such things are the domain of others to place upon your achievements. I do like the notion that in dream they can be reversed.

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