Dreaming of turtle/ tortoise/ terrapin

Is it strange to dream of a turtle/ tortoise/ terrapin? Not if you have one of these as a pet at home. Or if your work in a pet shop with this type of reptiles. One day, I dreamed my pet terrapin separated from its shell. It had left its shell, or discarded its shell, and was crawling around naked.

Dream analysis:
I think something was wrong with the terrapin’s shell. I may have seen this input of information during the day, but because of the multitude of stimuli bombarding my senses, I didn’t put much importance on it. The terrapin could be telling me that it lacks calcium for its shell, and that was why its shell was damaged and separated from its body.

Friends, if you have a dream about your pet, please take it to the vet for a medical check-up. You may have seen a sign or symptom that your pet is sick. And then your brain invents a dream about your pet, to try to inform you about its health.

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