How to meditate with one word: Meditation #1

How to meditate with one word

Meditation #1: Meditation by focusing on one word.

Step (1) Sit down at a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed.

Step (2) Decide on something to help you focus to start on your meditation. If you like a visual stimulus, you can use a photograph of your beloved/ crush/ family members/ pet & etc. You can keep it simple by using one word, like “peace”, and say this word repeatedly while focusing on the word.

Step (3) Your concentration may stray as your stream of consciousness is running a continuous string of words/ images across your mind.

Step (4) Return to your word of focus, which is peace. You desire mental peace, to reduce and slow down the constant monkey chatter in your brain.

Step (5) Be positive and kind to yourself. Don’t do self harm by self criticism. Return to focusing on the word peace.

When I did this meditation exercise, my mind was flooded with current concerns like my finances, maintenance of plumbing in my home, balancing my account, saving for the future & etc. I returned my attention to the word “peace”.

The correct way to meditate using one word.

The woman starts off in picture 1. Then she gets distracted in picture 2. This is the wrong way, when she is negative and emotional about re-focusing to return to meditation. The correct way to re-focus is in picture 3.