Factors causing dreams (31)

Research showed that your brain tends to dream of your activity just before bedtime. If you were reading a new book, playing a new game, or watching a movie, this input is most likely to become a dream. The key factor is the newness of the activity. Your brain should be sufficiently impressed by the novelty of the experience. During sleep, it replays this novel (and interesting) memory, in a dream.

Most of the time, we consequentially dream of the novel activity, even without deliberately planning to.

If you deliberately wish to dream of a particular activity or person, you can try to use this method. Before bedtime, spend some time immersed in the activity. If you wish to dream of a person, stare at their photograph, or think of them. Since dreams continue the theme you participated in during your waking hours, you are likely to dream of this person.

You’re likely to dream of new activity experienced close to bedtime.

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