Dreamwork through unconventional route

Today, let’s discuss dreaming about traveling using dreamwork through an unconventional route.

What does it mean to walk where no one else treads? If you dream of walking through a place alone, it means you are discovering and exploring a new route. This may be a scary experience, especially in a dream. For most untrained dreamers, they have not learned the technique on programming their minds to control dreams. They are at the mercy of unchained dreams, which may go in any direction. In waking life, you are probably at a situation where you need to look at your compass, and plan your next direction.

In waking hour, where one has a choice of where to go and which route to take, you would always select a familiar and safe one. If you dream of a strange path through lonely, deserted, broken and abandoned building, then the dream may try to tell you to be aware of dangers on choosing an unconventional choice. However, this does not mean that this odd route will fail. On the contrary, it may mean that this route may work out. For in the world of dreams, the converse image may hold true for good fortune and success. Like in entrepreneurship, the adventurous start-up can prove to be good. As always, be careful in your endeavors. Caution is the key to success.

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