Dreaming of Faceless Time Keeper Part 2

The man gambled with his health around 15 years ago. He refused to consume oral medication for treating diabetes Type II. Now nerves in all four limbs are not functioning. He has been visiting doctors in all corners of the city, in his bid to rectify physiological problems before his body wears out. Deterioration inched along, claiming more territory. Regeneration crawled by the millimeter. He was racing against time. One night, he had a dream. A figure dressed in black engulfed his vision. It was near and yet he could not see the face.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I’m the Time Keeper”, said the stranger.

“I can’t see your face” protested the man.

“I don’t want you to see my face. I’m the Faceless Time Keeper. I keep time for every Human Body on earth.”

“Why have you come to see me?” asked the man.

“Your time is near.” said the Time Keeper. “I’m waiting for you to cross the road.”

“No! I’m afraid to die. Please give me more time. There is so much more I wish to do.” said the man.

“You don’t deserve more time. You’ve wasted the past seven years of your life doing nothing.”

“I was too sick to work!” cried the man.

“You made yourself sick by refusing to eat your medication.”

“I promise to eat all my medication from this day on.”

“Too late. Your body calls the shots now.”

“But you’re the Time Keeper. Surely you can give me more time!”

“I can only delay by a few days.”

“That’s not enough! Give me some more years or take me now!”

The man never woke up from his dream.

The End.

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Writing prompt – Racing against time.

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  1. There’s something about the notion of when your time is up its up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the tale weaver.

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