Dreams of Hands, Dreaming of hands

Drawing and water color painting of hands.

Dreams of Hands

Dream imagery of hands can mean several interpretations. Hands are vital as they enable us to perform actions to maintain our survival. If you have an injury or disability, you might dream of hands more often than a person with no problems with their hands. You can take better care of your hands by paying attention to them. If you do gardening work, wear gloves to protect them. If you do kitchen chores and cooking, pay attention to instances where injury might happen.

If you are in a position where you desperately need help, you might dream of hands. Its because in your day, the theme of getting help from more pairs of hands, has entered your mind. Your subconsciousness has a strong imprint of this theme and this surfaced in a dream about hands.

If you were abused, ill treated or unfairly treated, your sense of injustice has remained strong in your memory. It may have triggered the dream of hands because of the theme of desiring pairs of hands to come to your rescue.

If you were a bully or responsible for some mistake, you might be feeling guilty for the past. You might feel as though your hands were responsible for the wrong deed. Your guilty conscience troubles you. Your dream tries to tell you of your poor self esteem because of your inferiority complex.

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