Dreaming of blood

Dreaming of abuse and blood.

Dreaming of blood

One night, I dreamed I was beaten up and bleeding. My battered body left an imprint on the wall behind me.

Meaning of dream

This dream was likely triggered by a threat during the previous day. My dream recalled old memories of being bullied and invented a dream.

The dream of blood does not mean you have inclinations to be a vampire. Blood is a life giving force. If you are unwell or unhealthy, you might dream of blood. Your body is trying to tell you that there is something wrong. You might need to seek medical attention from your G.P. The doctor will extract blood to send to the lab for a full blood test. Before your arranging your personal schedule to visit the clinic, you need to fast overnight, usually from 12 midnight until after your blood is extracted. You are allowed to drink only water during this fast.

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