Dreams of Christmas themes

Dreams of Advent themes and dreams of Christmas topics is about dream interpretations of imagery related to the present season. We’re discussing this group of dreams because people do tend to dream “in season”. The experience climate seasons or festive seasons and these memories continue to be replayed in dreams.

Prompts from TheodoraVanyar. She said we can write or do art for them. We have to collect the material together in one post for easy reference when others come to visit. I’m collecting here.

2020 Advent Ficlet Challenge Prompts, #blogmas2020

1. Tis the Season
2. Bells
3. Chilly
4. Deck the halls
5. Shepherd
6. Joy
7. Blankets
8. O Christmas Tree
9. Making a list
10. Candle
11. Dashing through the snow
12. Visiting
13. Storm
14. Hope
15. Jolly
16. Twinkling
17. Let nothing you dismay
18. Gifts
19. Faith
20. Sweets
21. Darkness
22. Friends and family
23. Love
24. Merry Christmas

Dreams of the season – This can include dreams of preparations for Christmas. On the spiritual aspect, Christians are reminded to pray, meditate and reflect. To prepare for the birth of baby Jesus. Christians are reminded to continue the good qualities of child-like innocence, honesty, sincerity and good conscience. Of course, we all know about dreams of guilty pleasures of X’mas.

Dreams of bells

The most famous bells of Santa’s reindeer may seep into dreams. On Christmas Eve, we may dream of hearing bells. This type of dream may be triggered by our cultivated values of the fable of Santa’s reindeer wearing bells. We dream we hear Santa’s reindeer’s bells. Most of the time, children who believe in the tales of Santa dashing through the snow, are influenced enough to dream of these bells.

Dreams of winter chill

We feel the physical cold in winter so this sense can trigger a dream with related imagery about the chilly weather.

Dreams of decorating for Christmas:

This is the season for dreams of dressing up Christmas trees, interior decorations and exterior outdoor decorations. If you have strong desires of decorating for certain themes, then there are strong reasons for dreaming about them.

Dreams of shepherd:

Who is the shepherd in your life? Who are the guiding stars in your nights of despair? Are you the shepherd of your flock (family)? You may be dreaming more of your sheep in this festive season, especially if they are not staying with you.

Dreams of joy:

We anticipate joy in the festivities of Christmas. We may dream of old memories of joy. Or we may dream of desired wishes that bring us joy.

Dreams of blanket:

Blankets are warmly appreciated in this cold season. You can dream in comfort under a warm cover. Do you have spare blankets? can you afford to donate them to homeless people on the streets?

Dreams of Christmas trees:

Do you enjoy putting up your X’mas tree? Decorating Christmas trees can be a tedious chore. You may dream of Christmas trees, depending on the intensity of your past experiences handling them.

Dreams of making lists

will appear if you have been busy during your day. Dream imagery of lists means you have plenty of goals and work to do.

Dreams of candles

mean there are glimmers of hope. If you’re facing a tough time now, this type of dream is meant to give you hope that the tide will turn.

Dreams of dashing through the snow may appear if you have been listening to Christmas songs with this lyric.

Dreams of Visiting mean you are infused with the holiday festivities. You are probably dreaming of a tradition.

Dreams of Storms may appear if the weather in your area has been cold and snowing (or raining) a lot. Sleepers dream of the current seasons because they have been influenced by the climate in their waking hours.

Dreams of hope may happen as you think about the true meaning of Christmas with the birth of Jesus.

Dreams of jolly people happen as many are especially cheerful with the coming of one of the greatest holidays of the calendar year.

Dreams of twinkling stars happen because this is the season of the birth of Christ. The three wise men need the twinkling star to guide them to Bethlehem and the manger where the baby Jesus is resting.

Dreams of dismay may occur if you are under stress.

Dreams of gifts are common as everyone who practices this tradition of gifting, anticipate presents.

Dreams of faith may happen as you spend more time thinking of your Christian faith.

Dreams of sweets might happen as they are the central to this festive celebration. Sleepers with sweet tooth maybe prone to replay of memories with their favorite sweets.

Dreams of darkness may happen if the sleeper had negative and dark moments while grappling with sadness and difficult episodes.

Dreams of friends and family occur more frequently as gatherings of celebrations are anticipated.

Dreams of love, family love and romantic love abound. The season in waking life is filled with love and this theme continues into your dreamworld.

Dreams of Merry Christmas are fulfillment of your wishes. Dreams continue your themes you spend time with during your day.

Dreams of Christmas cards means remembering distant friends and relatives. The dreamer may see dreams of receiving X’mas cards or dreams of sending Christmas cards. A card is a cheap gift. We may not be able to afford presents for many people, but for a fraction of the cost, we are able to afford buying or making cards, and paying postage for many people.


Writing prompt – Holiday Dreams (mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com)

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