Dreaming your hot air balloon left you behind LONG POST

Have you dreamed about flying in a hot air balloon? One night, I dreamed I was flying in a hot air balloon. Then I descended to ground level. For some reason, I got out of my basket. Suddenly, when I turned back to look at my hot air balloon, I saw it had flown away.

How to interpret balloon dreams in 2023

My dream interpretation is that I had lost my opportunity to use the hot air balloon because I was careless. Applying this warning to my real life, I had to think about my current situation at work and at home. How does this dream relate to my present circumstances? Have I lost an opportunity somewhere at work or at home?

If you have a similar dream about being abandoned by your mode of transport, you should reflect on how your dream relates to your present situation.

Replica mini balloon attached to paper basket
Replica hot air balloon.

Dream of hot air balloon invading foreign air space

Do you ever dream of being on a flying hot air balloon and it floats out of control? What happened when it floated away and entered enemy air space? Would you be frightened for your life? You are inside the basket of this hot air balloon and have no method of communicating to the people on the ground. Your balloon is carrying you at a height of 60 000 feet above ground. You can hardly see anything on the ground. You are like an alien in the sky. You are all alone. Nobody knows whether you come in peace or harbor bad intentions.

You have a fear that you have lost control of your life. You are vaguely aware that your balloon has floated out of your country and you’re in enemy air space. You know it is protocol to shoot down unidentified flying objects (UFO). You are afraid to die. You’re still young. You’re not ready to die.

You try to recollect your circumstances leading to this situation. How did you get stuck in this hot air balloon? Do you know how to pilot this balloon? Are you worried? These are some of the questions going through your dream.

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