Dreaming you were stalked but later you became the stalker

If you were dreaming being stalked, but then turn the table around to become the stalker, it means you will gain the upper hand over adversity. You may see dream imagery of being stalked in any form. It might be a person on foot, or in a car, bicycle, bus, truck, van, taxi, or etc. You were the victim but then you manage to gain the upper hand.

Dreaming of being stalked can mean you were spied on. You might have intuitive feelings you were being watched, but just don’t know who was watching you. This might have taken place at work, or at home. Someone, a stalker, has been watching you closely. If you have a camera / CCTV at home, a hacker might be having access to it. You should check your smart devices and use secure passwords.

If you use public places regularly, like the public toilets at work or somewhere else, you should check around for recording cameras. The devices may display a red light to indicate they are turned on.

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