Dreaming you are supposed to fly but did not bring any luggage

This is bad news when you were dreaming you are supposed to fly but did not bring any luggage. In some cultures, when an air passenger does not carry any baggage for boarding a flight, it means bad news. It means the passenger does not need their personal belongings, clothes, toiletries and other small things of comfort. It is almost inconceivable to be without small luxuries of comfort. Especially when we always travel with our cell phone, electric charger, ipad and even a laptop. Some passengers who intend to return back home within 24 hours, would not see the need to pack a bag. Other people with intentions of making a one way trip would not be packing luggage.

For some cultures in the dreamworld, traveling without luggage is a metaphor to mean the person is not traveling in the usual sense of the word. That person may be traveling to a different dimension, where they do not need to bring clothes and baggage. Living people need luggage. People who are depicted as going to die, will not be bringing luggage with them when they cross over to The Other Side.

Dreams like these may not necessarily come true. Dreams are caused by a variety of factors and may not predict your future.

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