Dreaming being bewitched

Dreaming of being bewitched means you might be experiencing a hint about being entranced or being in a state of alternate consciousness. Someone may have cast a spell on you. The seduction controls you by placing you under an altered state which is not your normal state. You might see the world through rose tinted glasses, and you are not your normal self.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.

If you fall in love with a person or domestic pet, you are in awe of that living thing. It is as if you are under a spell. You may dream of that new fascination because your mind and emotions are preoccupied with that new attraction. You tend to favor that person/ animal. So that party seems to have the power to turn you into their personal attendant to do things for them.

Men and women are wary of becoming bewitched with someone, who they fear, is not their good match. Way before modern chemicals were man made in labs to control aspects of human behavior, witches made spells to bewitch victims. There are doubts on the validity of spells. But we may not discount the action of organic or synthetic drugs which can influence the brain to carry out certain behaviors. The targeted victim can appear to be acting abnormally, as if they were under a spell of being bewitched.

What does it mean when someone in the dream says you have been bewitched?

Science and religion tell us not to believe in magic spells. Sometimes, a person is under stress and feels a lot of fear. Their thinking may lose logic, common sense and rationality. They think they have been bewitched. The dreamer needs to consult with a religious order like a priest, nun, brother, to sort out the confusion.

What creates fake magic spell illusion

When you’re not sleeping and dreaming, but still think you’re under a magic spell, you should think of logical reasons and eliminate factors to whittle down the possible causes.

A few of the most common symptoms of suspecting you’re under a spell, is hearing voices and thinking other people are plotting against you.

Sharing a case here, I know the story of a woman who was very stressed and she heard voices of her neighbors. She moved out of her rental apartment, into a cheap hotel suite that lacked soundproofing in the partition walls. There, she heard voices from her neighboring suite. She moved out of that hotel, into another one which had better soundproofing between suites. She heard voices of her old neighbors. She thought they put a magic spell on her to plague her by trolling her wherever she moved. She suspected her present hotel’s guests were witches and wizards who recognized her because she was exhibiting signs of being bewitched. It was strange that the guests were locals and precious few were actually foreigners or out-of-town visitors. She imagined many guests were evil witches hunting for their next victim. Someone told her to use ear plugs to block out the voices. She wore them the whole day all the time, until she went to sleep.

If you day dream about hearing voices which you can’t locate, try using ear plugs. Use one ear plug or both simultaneously. If you need to listen to your environment because you’re doing some work, then plug one ear. Your open ear will be your listening ear. This reduces the intensity of the voices. You may slowly learn to ignore the voices and don’t attention to what they’re talking about.

Hearing voices involves the activation on the auditory nerves. When you plug one ear, you hear less and this reduces the distraction. Keep at this and you may find yourself healing and recovering.

Besides using ear plugs, you can also turn on music or the TV at a low volume. These will reduce your attention to the voices. Slowly, you will place less importance and attention to the voices and they may fade away.

People who hear voices during their waking hours think they are under a magic spell or voo-doo. We are not going to debate on whether there is magic in this world. There probably is magic which can not be explained by fact or reason. The fact is, magic is very difficult to create. More often that not, the phenomenon of hearing voices is due to a mental disorder called schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia makes you think you’re hearing voices. Nobody else around you is able to hear those voices because they are created inside your head. Certain areas in your brain are over-reacting and they create impressions of hearing voices.

Those voices are everywhere. They follow you everywhere you go. You think you’re under a bad spell. fact is, your brain is the culprit. Voices appear to be following you because your brain is with you where-ever you go.

What triggers schizophrenia? What triggers “magic spell”? What makes a person think they are under voo-doo?

Stress, anxiety, fear, worry, and malnutrition are some common factors.

Your brain requires Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA.

If you’re a vegetarian/ vegan or your diet lacks Omega-3, your brain functions may be affected.

What to do when you hear unexplained voices all the time

You can’t get support because nobody believes you. Nobody else can hear those voices in your head. People don’t understand this is serious enough to intervene and help you. They usually expect you to be able to snap out of it.

Many people can not self-heal. You need to consult a psychiatrist. This will help you. Medication will decrease your tendency to hear voices. Counseling and therapy will help you handle your psychological fears.

Usually, when someone hears voices all the time, they think they are under a spell. They will search for exorcism. The Catholic Church has been approached by many people who were troubled by hearing voices or seeing phenomena that can not be logically explained.

The Vatican in Rome issued guidelines to screen people who may be mistaken in believing they are under magic spells. The distressed person must consult their G.P., neurologist, psychiatrist, spiritual adviser and priest. The last person will then compile all the reports and then evaluate if there is an actual need to perform an exorcism.

The flowchart explains the process of seeing a neurologist, psychiatrist and lastly a priest, to deal with the situation of feeling bewitched.


Flowchart for process to manage illusion being under magic spell
Flowchart on what to do if you think you’re under magic spell

The General Practitioner doctor does a simple health check to screen for general health.

The neurologist checks nerve reactions to determine if brain and nerve functions are working.

The psychiatrist assesses for mental problems.

The spiritual counselor and priest talk to the person to know the background and current state.

Sometimes, these specialists can discern and discover the problems behind the illusion of thinking one is under a spell. Then, there is no further need for exorcism.

If a dreamer dreams of an other person being bewitched/ possessed, it means the dreamer sees that person as odd. Sometimes the bewitching can be about the background being un-natural, or the background has an un-natural presence.

The dream interpretation of bewitched or possessed can mean an external force or person is controlling you/ the dreamer/ events

A dream about being bewitched can be a dream of yourself being possessed by a demon.

If you had a bad day and you acted out your frustrations, you might dream of seeing yourself as a demon. The stimulus for inventing this dream was your own behavior.

If you’ve tried suppressing your anger and true feelings, you may dream of being bewitched/ possessed, becAuse your emotions were so strong that they consumed you. Your brain created this dream imagery to warn you of your need to destress.

Why does a person commit suicide? When someone kills themself via suicide, others may blame possession as a factor because it consumed the victim and persuaded them to end their life.

When a person loses control (and discipline) over use of external stimuli like substances, it implies an addiction to the stimuli. The addiction is the true problem. People who fail to recognize this will blame possession/ bewitching, as the reason/ cause of using stimulants.

When you try to suppress an emotion/ desire/ forbidden pleasure, its said you have a temptation. That is like a demon, trying to seduce you, by breaking your self-discipline and control.

In dreams, your weakness/ demon may appear as an image that’s threatening or powerful. In order not to become bewitched and influenced, you have to wrestle with your demon and win control.

Sometimes your alter ego or Shadow, makes you desire the opposite of what is good for you. That is why that force is called the Shadow, aka the dark side of you. You’re aware of temptations and you think there is a demon to tempt you to fall for them.

People who are not aware of this theme of shadow in psychology. may think that they had become bewitched, to fall into seductive temptations that are not characteristic of their normal behaviors.

The person who is made acquainted with their Shadow, may see it in dreams. The Shadow has a challenging personality and thus manifests itself as threatening in dreams.

When a person behaves like they are in a state of being bewitched, they do actions that are the opposite of their normal behaviors.

When you’re under the influence of being bewitched, you may dream of seeing imagery of of yourself as an accomplice to a leader, who functions like a witch, who seduces you to fall under her influence, involuntarily. You may appear to be in a state of bewitched.

If the dreamer is a man, he may be receiving messages from his anima, which is the feminine aspects of his male psyche. This anima emits clues, intuition, emotional moods, self love and aspects traditionally viewed as feminine.

A man’s anima may be expressed in dreams. It os expressed in iconic images which change according to the male’s needs in the various stages in his life. Males who are unfamiliar with their anima, may mistakenly believe they are under the spell of a witch. They don’t recognize the anima as being a part of their male psyche identity.

While every male has his anima, every female has her animus. The animus is the masculine aspect of the female’s psyche. The fact that the animus is in the psyche means it is ever present and evolving with the female.

At different stages of the female’s life, the animus is represented in dreams by different dream imagery. The female’s animus can be represented by a male character which embodies traits that the female needs in her current stage in life.

As the female’s animus is in her, she may love that aspect of herself and feel besotted by it. Some women mistakenly think that their animus is a separate identity of a soul mate who exists out there in society. The woman who thinks such may search for this animus soul mate type in waking reality. She will never find it as no physical mortal man can be as good as the animus.

Another factor that contributes to your feeling of being bewitched is your archetype. This is your blueprint (DNA) which determines your thinking, actions and identity. If you dream of your archetype, it means that besides entering into your thoughts in the day, it wants to emphasize its presence in you.

Dreams often black as the dominant color in backgrounds. The background is black because it is unknown and mysterious. If your brain knew about what colors of background to conjure up, it would have the answers and the background need not be black and mysterious. This is why dreams usually show limited number of characters and backgrounds. The meaning of the black and mysterious background is to spring surprises on you. There could be a lurking presence in the background, to influence you and bewitch you.

A bewitching dream icon can be a black widow spider, because of its name and fearsome reputation. This spider traps prey, poisons it and then eats it. You have have a similar trait in you, that waits to emerge and dominate.

Your Shadow in your psyche may be fighting to emerge and gain power over you. You may recognize its attempts in dreams or influencing thoughts during the day. This explains how your Shadow can manifest in dreams as a black widow spider or similarly endowed character that bewitches you.

We must remember to keep calm, control our thoughts and behaviors. If you lose control to an emotion and act it out, you may appear to be. controlled or bewitched.

Your weakness can be your enemy and when you don’t know this, you may blame it on becoming under the influence of a bewitching force.

Your weakness can be your enemy and when you don’t know about this, you blame it on a bewitching person or force. When this enemy exerts considerable thought in your mind, you become your own worst enemy by your paralyzing bewitching fears.

Intangible fears can exert greater influence than tangible ones.

Do you think you’re bewitched because magic works for you? Sometimes, there are people behind the scenes, who have done all or some of the prep work, to enable “magic” to happen. The “magic” we see on a daily basis, is the personal touch of a person who works in their capacity, to facilitate a desired outcome.

Disclaimer – This post is a general write-up. A person who is seriously troubled by mental or psychological problems needs intervention from qualified health practitioners.

What are dream interpretations of the meaning of a bewitched dream?

The meanings can be about

  1. Bewitched dreamer
  2. Other character in dream who is bewitched.
  3. Out of normal behavior
  4. Losing control to show anger
  5. To be seduced by temptation
  6. Your Shadow may be controlling you
  7. Your Shadow is leading you and you become its accomplice
  8. The male dreamer’s anima may tell him to do something.
  9. If the dreamer is female, her animus may tell her to do something.
  10. Your dream can be about archetypes.

Pie chart shows different meanings of dream interpretations of bewitched / possessed:

Dream interpretation bewitched/ possessed
meaning of dreaming of being possessed or bewitched

Women desire to bewitch their targets. The first method they use to attract the eye is their beauty. But beauty is only skin deep. Beauty is the cover of the book. Beyond beauty, how does the woman bewitch and hold onto the man? She can, by understanding the man. She needs to understand his thought process, behaviors and communication style. The woman’s genetics has made her a creature of talking to rationalize. She may then discover her solution to her problem. A woman usually sacrifices and gives a lot. She needs to change, to take responsibility to set her limits and decline to always compromise. Then, she can’t blame the man for taking too much.

Can a man be always bewitched with his woman? Does he ever tire of being attentive?

The man may pull away from a loving relationship. He may feel overwhelmed/ stressed, or any other reason. He needs to spend time alone, to think, destress and get ready to return to his woman.

“Pulling away allows him to re-establish his personal boundaries and fulfill his need to feel autonomous.” (Gray, p. 104).

Word prompt –

Eugi’s word prompt “bewitched” for Monday, Oct. 26. It closes 7 days after October 26 2020.

Gray, J. (1992). “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. Thorsons: London, UK.

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