Meaning of dreaming to bind

To bind is to tie. To be dreaming of bind can mean a physical bind, mental bind, or emotional bind.

Pie Chart on types of dreams about bind.

Pie chart on dreams on bind
Pie chart on dream meanings of bind.

If you are physically binded (tied) to something like a legal contract, or dependent, then you always have that load on your shoulders.

A mental bind is to be responsible for something or someone. You think you’re responsible for those dependents and you are under mental stress, resource budgeting, and you may not even have enough to take care of yourself.

An emotional bind is to be emotionally attached to someone or something. You are compelled to give respect to that aspect of your binding relationship with that person or thing. If you lose your possession of sentimental value, you become upset.

Dreaming of a bind to something or someone, is a reminder for you to take care of this aspect. You are attached to the thing or person and a disturbance would be a threat to your well-being.

Dreaming of using a rope.