Meaning of dreaming to bind

To bind is to tie. To be dreaming of bind can mean a physical bind, mental bind, or emotional bind.

Pie Chart on types of dreams about bind.

Pie chart on dreams on bind
Pie chart on dream meanings of bind.

If you are physically binded (tied) to something like a legal contract, or dependent, then you always have that load on your shoulders.

A mental bind is to be responsible for something or someone. You think you’re responsible for those dependents and you are under mental stress, resource budgeting, and you may not even have enough to take care of yourself.

An emotional bind is to be emotionally attached to someone or something. You are compelled to give respect to that aspect of your binding relationship with that person or thing. If you lose your possession of sentimental value, you become upset.

Dreaming of a bind to something or someone, is a reminder for you to take care of this aspect. You are attached to the thing or person and a disturbance would be a threat to your well-being.

Dreaming of using a rope.

Dream imagery of being in a bind means you’re restricted to a small physical space/ mental space. This is a challenging situation with emotional stress. The dream interpretation is that you’re in a tight spot, that has little room to manipulate. This bind may be because of your circumstances or personality.

If the bind is not external like a situation, then there’s another dream interpretation for an internal bind. The internal bind is in the dreamer’s head. Like when you lack confidence to make a decision, you feel as if you’re in a bind. Another common type of bind is when you’re limited by factors like time, space and resources.

There are other types of internal binds, like the fixed parameters (eg. race and gender) we are born with.

External binds are legally binding laws, rules, terms and conditions and religious rules etc. They are meant to control and discipline.

A society has cultures, which are the opinions, traditions, dressing, and beliefs pertaining to that specific culture.

Dreaming of being in a bind can mean seeing dream imagery of being detained. The dreamer may be seeing dream imagery of being physically detained, or environmentally detained.

If you’re a witness in a complicated situation and you’re in a dilemma of whether to report this, you’re in a bind. You have a guilty conscience because you know it isn’t right to sweep it under the carpet.

Dream interpretation of being in a bind can mean you’re reminded to reflect upon your current situation in life. Can you do something to unbind yourself?

Are you bound to a person?

Do you wish to escape from your bind?

Or do you feel guilty trying to escape from your bind? You could be suffering from the Stockholm syndrome; where the victim sympathises with the bully.

What holds you to the bind?

Being binded (bound) to a person can encourage a feeling of obligation to follow that person as a leader. You seem to be charmed or bewitched. You behave like a seconder. You can’t voice your opinion or criticize your leader. You’re powerless.

If you dream being in a bind, what is your next logical step?

Do you see yourself escaping from the bind?

What kind of bind is that?

Is the bind self-made by yourself?

Is the bind psychological?

Is fear a bind?

If you dream of escaping from a bind like a restricting space, it means you’re escaping from the bind that’s confining you and holding you back from developing yourself.

If you see dream imagery of escaping from a monster, the dream interpretation means you’re escaping from a bad person.

If you see dream imagery of escaping from an external force like a fire, the dream interpretation may mean you’re escaping from someone’s fiery temper.

There are different types of binds:

  1. Physical bind
  2. Emotional bind
  3. Psychological bind
  4. Bind of Responsibility
  5. Binding promise
  6. Avoidance of a bind
  7. Delaying confrontation with a bind

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