Dreaming of the floor

This is an odd dream as who ever dreams of the floor? I used to hear from a friend who dreams strange things. Sometimes, he sees new insights during the day, as he thinks. I would call this a type of daydreaming. According to him, he sees images in the lines that occur in the marble floor. Each slab of marble has lines in its pattern. As the lines are not deliberately made, one needs imagination to associate lines to concrete objects. For example, I see the outline of a woman on the right marble tile. I see outlines of two figures in the middle tile, along with a figure of a sitting man. The tile on the left shows a bat flying in the top right corner. It is normal to use one’s imagination to solicit more from a single object but one should be able to discern what is truth and what is imagination. It is a thin line but necessary. When a person is highly sensitive, they may over-react and think their opinion is correct and the absolute one. Mental disorders like schizophrenia makes a person think and believe in strange thoughts.

Dreaming of the floor.

September 22 prompt #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge.

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