Dreaming of shaved hair

If you had been dreaming of shaved hair, it can mean several issues:

  1. If you did not voluntarily shave off your hair, it can mean you were humiliated with an enforced shaving. You were bullied, and robbed of your dignity. Shaving off hair is a common form of public humiliation in “kangaroo court” where angry people take the law into their own hands to enforce punishment on what they perceive as wrongs committed.
  2. If you know you have a major illness that causes hair to fall out, then this dream fore warns you of the impending situation where you may lose all of your hair.
  3. A head of shaved off hair can mean being exposed in public. There may be a scandal or bad news which is affecting you and you dreamed of losing your hair, which is your crowning glory, because of this.
  4. The dream symbol of being bald, or having a naked head, can mean you will see yourself violated. This infringement of your rights can be an assault.
Meaning of dreaming of balding man

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