Dreaming of sea creatures

Dreaming of sea creatures
Dreaming of sea creatures which study at a bard’s college carries potent meaning. Have you studied at a college? Are you a graduate or post-graduate? If sea creatures can study, so can you! The meaning of this dream is that you should pull up your socks and improve yourself, because even sea creatures seek to study to improve their intellect. By dream analysis of the symbol, this message underscores the latent meaning that you are under-estimating yourself and under-performing. You should believe in yourself and have more confidence in your talents and skills.

Below is a story based on a writing prompt on sea creatures:
Many sea creatures are primary and secondary feeders in the food chains. If they attend school, and eventually end up on our plates, then we are being nourished with sea creatures containing good brain proteins. This will improve the quality of food. We are what we eat. So if we eat good food, then we become better beings. Our brains will be nourished with improved amino acids and be supplemented with upgraded building blocks. Mankind should continue the procedure, to educate other foods in the animal kingdom. When humans feed on intelligent animals, they will benefit from the upgraded quality of nutrients. Slowly, the trend changes. Nobody wants to eat stupid sea creatures which have not been schooled in colleges.

The stupid sea creatures who didn’t attend college are unhappy. They held a meeting to conspire on taking revenge.

“Since we are left behind, we must make ourselves smart” said an old squid.

“How?” said an octopus.

“By eating smart sea creatures to boost our intellect” said the old squid.

“How can we do this?” asked a lazy crab.

“I don’t want to eat sea creatures, who are my relatives and friends!” said the octopus.

“I know! We’ll catch and eat the humans when they enter the sea!”

“Yes!” said the chorus of sea creatures in the meeting.

So it was decided that humans would no longer be safe at sea.

The end.

Dreaming of sea creatures.
Flow chart dreaming of boneless sea creatures like octopus, squid, jellyfish etc
Flow chart meaning of dreaming of boneless sea creatures like octopus, squid, jellyfish etc

Writing prompt:

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