Dreaming of reading

Its a common belief that a dreamer can’t read while sleeping and having a dream. I believe to the contrary. As a dream is an invention, the dreamer may be able to “read” a sentence, because that sentence was part of the invention of the dream.

I have dreamed of reading a sentence, or a word, from a page. I was also saying the words aloud, which made me wake up. Dreaming of reading isn’t the same as actual reading of words from an entire page. Its more like reading what your dream wants you to read, because it fits the message of the dream.


I read nonfiction more than fiction. If I read the latter genre, I would try to complete the book in one or two sittings. If I leave the book, I seldom ever return to it. There simply isn’t enough time to attend to many stimulants.

I have a library card and will use it if I’m very interested to borrow a book. Generally, I buy inexpensive books that I need to read because it costs time and money to travel to the library to return books. If I’m late to return them, I’ll have to pay a fine.

I like physical books as they don’t cause as much eye strain as the computer or electronic gadget.

Prompt – reading. Thanks for the interesting prompt.

Be mindful of the wonders of reading as a stimulus.

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