#100HappyDays Challenge Day 6

On Day 6 of #100HappyDays Chalenge, I’m supposed to write a list of five things that I’m grateful for. And start a Gratitude Journal, to be written every night, before bedtime, because that’s when the day draws to a close and its time to recount blessings. I can’t promise to continue the Daily Gratitude Journal habit since I don’t have many new experiences to write about. I can only say I’ll try.

Happy Hour starts at 12 noon.

September 5 2019 Gratitude Journal

Here are my 5 things which I’m grateful for:

1)Resources for daily living.

2)Relatively safe environment to live in.

3)Calm life.

4)Drawing skill to improve on.

5)Some time everyday to work on my skill.

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