Gratitude Journal 2019

This is my online journal/ log/ diary of gratitude I received from God and His angels.

September 5 2019 –

I’m grateful for new roller blinds in my bedroom which were installed today. Years ago, I probably wouldn’t have enough money for my monthly groceries, let alone pay for blinds for my window. Thank you, Loving Father, for taking care of me all these years.

September 6 2019 –

Today, I’m grateful for being able to buy fresh leafy amaranth. There were only 4 small packets in the vegetable chiller of the supermarket. I snapped them up.

I forgot to buy broccoli. After paying the cashier, I realized this and went back to the chiller to pick out 6 small bunches of broccoli.

September 7 2019 – Today, I’m grateful for the better people around me who point out my shortcomings.

September 8 2019 – Today, I’m grateful that the problem which haunted me yesterday, stopped trolling me. Thank you, God!

September 9 2019 – I’m grateful for my herbalist doctor, who made a suggestion that aided my ill. The home remedy greatly reduced swelling in my ankle. It was a simple home-made solution.

September 10 2019 –

One day, I shall hold my published book in my hands.

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