Dreaming of photograph/ dream of taking photos

If you dream of seeing your photograph, it means you may be falling sick and your appearance will be changed. The same meaning applies if you dream of having your picture taken by somebody. The meaning is that you are facing change and there is a need to take your photo to record your image before the change happens.

If you dream about being the camera person, and taking the picture for another person, the meanings are different. Do you wish to take their photo for evidence to use against them?

If you see a photographer, it means someone else is having control over the camera and the pictures that are being taken. It means you have to be careful over people who may exert influence over you.

If you see black and white photos, it means you need to discern between what is good and bad in a situation in waking life.

A camera has a fixed focus and viewfinder. It snaps a picture with a limited perception. Seeing a camera as a dream image can mean you are behaving like a camera, having a limited viewpoint. It warns you of the risk of seeing through a narrow lens because you miss the big picture.

Meaning of dreaming of camera.

Word prompt “photograph“.