Dreaming of people at laundromat

I know its a weird place to dream about but hey, there are dreamers who had dreamed of people at the laundromat. You know the saying, “Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public”. People who wash their dirty laundry in a public laundromat also qualify. Dreaming of people doing laundry in a laundromat can mean they are gossiping about other people. In real life, you should be alert to situations where people may be talking about secrets. By being alert, you should also be aware not to disclose any information of sensitive nature. You should not trust others because you don’t know when facts will backfire on you, when people gossip and expose secrets.

Dreaming of washing clothes before your trip is a no go.

If you dream of washing underwear, it can mean your personal space is violated. Since your underwear is personal, the meaning can also suggest you feel dirty or unhygienic and that’s the reason why you dream of washing your undergarments. This is an allegory to reality if you had experiences with violation of personal space that are against your consent.

Dreaming of being at a laundromat can mean you need to look at the big picture, of the surroundings. The laundromat is a place where people meet when they do their laundry. They sit in the waiting area, while waiting for their wash cycle to complete.

Dreaming of physical cleaning can mean your intuition is telling you to clean in some areas like mental, spiritual, conscience, or tangible and intangible areas.

Why did you dream of cleaning at laundromat and not at home? Here are some plausible dream interpretations:

  1. You may lack the facilities like a washing machine and drying machine.
  2. Your laundry requires heavy cleaning which can only be done by a washing machine and not by hand.
  3. You like the atmosphere and facilities at the laundromat.

Dreaming of washing clothes can mean your intuition tells you to overhaul your cleanliness.

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