Dreaming of papers in safe deposit box

One night, a woman dreamed she was with her spouse, in a new apartment. The small unit was rented by her husband. The dreamer felt strange in the dream, because the apartment was unfamiliar to her. She heard her husband get on the telephone with a man. They spoke about a stack of papers in their bank’s safe deposit box. The man was concerned that some papers could be missing from the drawer tray in that safe deposit box. The tray was an open tray, which was locked in the safe deposit box. So how could any paper go missing?

Dream interpretation missing papers in safe deposit box:

The female dreamer gets the message that her husband, and his friend, lack confidence in their abilities. They had kept important papers in a safe deposit box, which is under lock and key. That should be one of the safest places available for an ordinary person. However, the dream reveals that the men lack confidence in their choice to keep the papers in the safe deposit box.

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