Dreaming of not wearing mask while going out

I was dreaming of not wearing a mask while going out. This pandemic has gotten into my dream.

One night, I dreamed I was going to the clinic for a medical consultation regarding a skin allergy. I packed my handbag with an umbrella and a couple of other handy things which I usually need on a short day trip. When I stepped outside on the car park, I saw a woman and her young daughter. The girl was practising on her roller blades. Both mother and daughter were wearing face masks. They stared at me. Thoughts flashed across my mind. I was thinking that something bad could happen to me because I forgot to wear my mask. I was panicking until I remembered to search in my handbag. I found my mask in my handbag and put it on.

This was a dream to remind me to always wear a face mask outdoors. It is also a warning to pack my handbag with at least one other spare face mask.

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