Dreaming of masked woman

Dreaming of a masked woman who may be a stranger or your alter ego:
The dream symbol has a manifest meaning of partially hiding the face because of a reason. In body language, a person tried to hide, disguise or fake an expression, to subvert a truth. Why is the woman hiding her face? Is there someone in your life who is also evasive and trying to hide some truth from you? Likewise, the manifest imagery may be informing you that the latent (true) meaning is something which you need to figure out. On the other hand, the masked woman may be your alter ego, which is trying to get out and express herself. Maybe this alter self wants to tell you something.

Dreaming of masked woman.

Medium: poster color, ink, on recycled paper.

I know this is kind of a lame drawing because the woman’s face is recognizable as her eye mask is small. I’ll try to do another one later.

Drawing was done in response to #drawingprompt at

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