Dreaming of lonely waiting

You may dream of lonely waiting. If you’ve experienced you’re alone and waiting, you might dream of this temporary state again, for various reasons.

  1. Your brain was stimulated to replay this memory.
  2. You’re at a stage in life where you feel like you’re stagnant and stuck in a rut.
  3. You’re really waiting for a person, something or event. You know this during your waking hours and this state of reality continued during your sleep and dreamworld.

Dream of being lonely in loneliness:

You may dream of being inadequately alone and ill prepared to handle your situation of being lonely in your state of solitude.

Why did you dream, of this? Your unconscious mind may be responsible for highlighting this secret desire to cling onto. someone/ something. You are not independent. What can you do after understanding your dream that tells you that you’re lonely?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought at least 2 years of social distancing and isolation. Many leaders of countries installed social distancing to reduce and curb the spread of Covid-19.

Covid-19 was likely to have enhanced loneliness. In 2021, two universities in their respective countries conducted a study to determine the relationship between loneliness and life span. Researchers discovered lonely adults lived a shorter life than those who did not think they were lonely.

The dangers of loneliness are comparable to damage sustained from smoking and drinking alcohol. Feeling lonely is detrimental to mental health, physical and emotional well-being.

There are two common responses to loneliness. The lonely person either seeks help or denies needing help. A lonely adult may actively seek companionship, or participate in activities that aid others. The latter response is common among adults who are in denial of being lonely. Loneliness is not a straightforward state which can be easily diagnosed by spotting signs and symptoms. Lonely adults may hide their feelings and continue to function in a state of denial. In helping other humans, the lonely benefit from human companionship and some social interaction.

Waiting at bus stop, bus comes, driver says no dog.

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