Dreaming of living relatives

Dreaming of living relatives.

What’s the dream interpretation of dreaming of living relatives? This dream could have been triggered by nostalgia for those relatives. Your brain recalled old memories of your relatives and replayed them in a dream. Have you been busy with your life? When was the last time you ever talked to any of your relations? Do you think it is appropriate to pick up the telephone and call at least one relative? Maybe you would like to make it a point to call one relative every week and record the name of the person you spoke to. This way, you know when you have finished your rooster of names and when it is time to rotate the order like a round table.

If your relatives and you share a courteous, cordial relationship, it means you might approach them to help you in needy times. If your relatives do not get along with you, then your dream has a different meaning. It hints to you that it may be time to patch up past differences and try to get along.

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