Dreaming of Joker

If you were dreaming of the Joker, you probably had a deep impression of the character because of the actor’s portrayal.

Joaquin Phoenix acted as The Joker in the movie released in 2019. His Joker was like the backstory, or prequel, before he met Bruce Wayne’s Batman.

The Joker is not a good character dream symbol to see in a dream. This dream could have been triggered by memories of someone who resembled the Joker, a person who has mental illness, an outcast of society, or someone who experienced many failures.

The dream symbol of a clown means you expect yourself to be fun, frivolous and light-hearted, as a fake external appearance to society. Clowns are serious business as they practice hard to act the part.

If you dream that you are seen as a clown by others, it means you are not taken seriously by the people around you. You are either wearing a clown disguise to hide your true self, or you’re unable to present your true character.

If you see a dream of someone else dressed as the Joker or clown, this dream is a reminder of a threat. The clown or Joker are actors who fake their actions and speech to play their roles. So the clown and joker are dream symbols about people who can’t be trusted.

Plus, the Joker and clown thick makeup are disguises. They hide their facial expressions and dishonesty behind stage makeup. These are further indications that the clown and Joker are symbols of deceit.