Dreaming of inadequacy and its meaning in reality

What kind of dreams are about dreaming of inadequacy? Usually, dreams about inappropriateness, shortages, awkwardness and warnings are triggered by threats. The brain wants to remind us of dire consequences of a bad situation. Dreams are complex inventions but after decoding and deciphering them, we can see their basic meanings.

One way in which inadequacy is depicted in a dream, is dreaming about not wearing the correct clothing for an important event. It means you were unprepared. During the day, if you experienced inadequacy, or lack of resources to prepare for an event, then you might get a dream about that theme.

One night, I dreamed about being inappropriately dressed for my wedding. It was my big day and I was not wearing a wedding dress. People around me were making a fuss about me not having a wedding dress. In my dream, I was feeling bad about my state of unpreparedness but I couldn’t get my hands on a wedding dress to correct my situation.

What happened in my reality that triggered this dream? I experienced a major episode of discrimination. I called up a company selling roller blinds for windows and doors. The salesman said he would follow company procedures to fix an appointment for me to measure my site’s door and window. Then he would tell me the quotes for buying custom made blinds, or if my measurements fit the ready made blinds, I would be given the prices for them. When he arrived, he was unimpressed with the state of my home. He thought I couldn’t afford to pay and he disrespected me. He was polite, but I was made to feel that I was inadequate. That stimulus affected me and triggered the dream about inadequacy.