Dreaming of husband’s mistress: The Other Woman pic #13

This is the story of an earlier post called “Dreaming of husband’s mistress“. Art work pictures were drawn of the wife, her husband, her husband’s mistress and other events.

Dreaming of The Other Woman:

The dream of the other woman led to Andrew leaving his wife Penelope. On a parallel universe, Hanson and Rhonda are playing out their romance. Hanson doesn’t respect Rhonda. He obliges her by doing whatever she requests, because he is her subordinate. Hanson is plotting to get his Other Woman. Hanson is supposed to leave work after 8 pm. Rhonda leaves work at 5:30 pm. She asks Hanson to leave work together. How privileged is Hanson!

Hanson escorts Rhonda to the bus stop.
Hanson unofficially clocks out at 5:30 instead of 8 pm because he is special to Rhonda.

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