Dreaming of good luck

If you want to dream of good luck coming your way, you should surround yourself with good symbols. For themes in your day will be carried into your night’s dreams.

To dream of good luck and positivity, here’s a list of tips:

  1. Surround yourself with positive, tangible things.
  2. Think of positive thoughts.
  3. Prepare yourself to do better by upgrading your skills.

You will realize that by improving yourself, you’re upgrading your prospects to do better. That is when you engineer your good luck.

Other “lucky dreams”:

If you see dream imagery of winning the lottery, it means you’ll get lucky. The dream interpretation of winning the lottery means you get lucky by being given something you desired. You could have wished for a new job, a promotion at work, your idea of a perfect partner, a baby or anything else.

There is a phase on “I just won the lottery”. This means the speaker has got what they wished for, by a stroke of luck.

If the dreamer’s waking reality is filled with thoughts of getting something far-fetched or almost impossible, then this influences the mind to continue with this wish, even when the body is sleeping. The brain invents a dream to satisfy this wish.

Dream imagery of the lottery can be a message from your unconsciousness, to you. It means to do something to get your desired objective. You might become lucky if you play the lottery. Lady Luck may smile upon you if you put yourself in her path. That is to say, if you do something to win, then you have a chance of winning. If you don’t play the lottery, you don’t have any chance of obtaining that coveted prize. Clearly, the message in the dream means to take some action to improve your chances of getting what you desire.

Maybe there is no such thing as luck and being lucky. Some people believe that timing and being at the right place at the right time, can effect the lucky incident. This phenomenon is called synchronicity. Do you believe synchronicity creates luck?

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