Dreaming of Friday Fun streaks

Dreaming of Friday Fun streaks, we may discover we actually dream more often on Friday nights than any other night of the week. We dream or day dream of Friday Fun because its TGIF.

What are the streaks? This depends on your unique self. You and I dream of themes that are prevalent in our lives. Your themes are unique to you in your context. My themes are unique to me in my life and present circumstances.

Before Covid-19, Friday Fun streaks involved planning for the weekend. There would be at least one outing.

In Covid-19, my Friday Fun streak would be anticipating the weekend newspaper because it contains different content.

Friday Fun prompt hosted by “Aroused by Arete, a meditating logophile”.

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  1. lovely to be included in dreams, nice one!

    Good to meet you and thanks for joining in the fun 🙂

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